Vajpayee Government : A Saga of Sin, Scams, and Shame

The Vajpayee government has failed miserably on all fronts. Its economic agenda was partisan, it communalized the polity, it sought to destroy the social fabric of India and political expediency was its guiding ideology. The promises it made have turned out to be false. Its real agenda stands exposed. It rode to power with the help of opportunistic alliances, the sole aim of which was to retain political power at any cost. The farmers were neglected, women marginalized, the youth left unemployed. The scams that surfaced while this government was in power are legendary. Even the security of this country was compromised. Tehelka and other scams demonstrated that the NDA government was immersed neck-deep in corruption. The people of India want change. They want a government that performs. Through this document, our endeavor is to inform the people of the country about the completely dismal performance of the BJP-led NDA government.